Image Discuss: Team 343 Machine

Here is one last shot for your inspection.

Beutiful peice of machinery, and a great concept (i love the sails!!!). Excellent job, good luck this year guys!

Blitz got a new coat of paint! Well, actually the sides got anadized (is that spelled correctly?). Anyway, it looks a little sleaker. The celebration decorations of team sponsor logos, new 343 numbering and some polishing all made for great moments just before crating shipping. It should be a great season for everyone, so let the games begin!

Ah, yes. Metal in Motion, last year we were St.Louis Regional Winners together. You were an incredible team with an incredible bot, and it certaintly seems you will live up to your reputatoin of excelence.

What r the sails made of?

Beautiful bot! I’m looking forward to seeing it in action. You coming to Florida? Looks like you can be a good ally for us again.

Where’s the crate flinger? Your forum says you threw 3 crates 37 feet.