Image Discuss: Team 519's Robot: Joshua


Here is our robot…in this picture, taken yesterday, it’s not finished, we just need some finishing touches, but it’s done today. Hope to see you @ the Pittsburgh Regional, Great Lakes Regional, and the National competition in Texas!

Yes, simple, yet beautiful. So, 6 weeks of engineering, building, and HARD WORK went into this robot, and I think it was worth it.

I saw it last night at the tech center.

Probably the quietest drivetrain I have heard in quite a while very smooth tank.
Great Job!!

Is that just a ram or is something going to be mounted there? Helicals are alot quieter than spur gears, thats why they use them in automotive trannys.

Yes, it is a ram. Original plans were for pneumatically folding arms, in the shape of a “T” form, but:

  1. Time ran out
  2. The thing weighs 128lbs, and there was no time to drill “FIRST” holes.

So, we just went with the arms that are mounted on the frame of the robot. We are all actually happy they are there, since it works VERY WELL. You just have to see this thing run, it’s amazing. Its also got a 2 speed transmission.

It is also a stacker, and a manipulator. The containers can be pushed, stacked, turned, and stolen (Yeah, watch out for our robot, in YOUR scoring zone!)

Isn’t it nice to know that we can multiply our score, and in the same time frame, STEAL some of your containers?

I really shouldn’t have said that…