Image Discuss: Team 522/Robo Wizards/McKee Voc. H.S. S.I.N.Y.


As you can see, Gloria’s favorite color is red. Some of you will get a chance so see her up close and personal, and then there’s some that will get to feel her touch!!!

those are some serious treads you have there…and is that your final robot…but it is a great looking robot

Can you turn well?

Gloria turns on a dime!As do most tracked bots.

that is a freaking awsome looking bot…

very menacing looking

does that frame thing on the side flip down into a wing?

Another great tank from McKee! Can’t wait to see you at the NYC regional again this year.

-Ian (team 694)

Yes, that “frame thing” opens like a wing. Gives us an additional 2 feet frontal area, yet still very strong and capable of taking some abuse. Didn’t want to get greedy w/ very large “wings”. They are nearly impossible to build strongly. Doubt very much that any robots “wings” can stand up to a “hit” from Gloria!

Are your treads made from a timing belt and a pulley?
And if they are where did you order them from?

As you can see i am very interested in treads we are a rookie team and thinking about using them next year. I just wanted to know why it is also necessary to have a chain, when you have treads. COuldnt you just attach the motor straight to one of the timing belt pulleys.

The chains are not needed… They are there just simply to get the desired speed / torque needed for the application without the bulky gear box. The chains are easily altered / removed and can change speeds during a competition without tearing a whole gearbox out in the pits. This seems to be the most reliable way to do it.

O i didnt realize you guys didnt have a gear box. Do you have any recommendations for the type of treads that we should use?

That’s how we did ours, made each of the little black parts and then put them on a chain. The chain is held in and behind it there are gears and it hooks up to the drill motors with the handy parts they gave us.