Image Discuss: Team 522/Robo Wizards/McKee Voc H.S., S.I. N.Y.


Gloria is a show-off. Here she is partially exposed.

Why does your ramp have a line running up it? It was my interpretation that the line ended when the ramp began.

Explian yourself better…

On your ramp you have a piece of carpetting that has a white line drawn on it. Accodring to my interpretation the white line on the playing field put there possibly for a line following robot in autonomous mode, went from where the robot started to the beginning of the ramp. Where the wire mesh ramp started. Your ramp seems to have carpet going all the way up the ramp and a white line on top of that. I was just curious why your ramp was like this?

the sides of their ramp are made of plywood - the normal mesh ramp would have a reflective aliminum bar going all the way up to the top. IT is probably just standing in for the bar that would be there at the competitions


I did not realize that there was a bar on the mesh. Thank you.

Hi Jim, here’s their reply: Re: White Lines on Playing Field Posted: Jan 30, 2003 6:03 PM

The white lines on the carpet lead to an aluminum channel section that supports the wire mesh. This aluminum channel section will be unpainted and should provide the reflectivity needed to activate light sensors that wish to track it up the ramp.

The reason you see a white line on our ramp is that we’re simulating the aluminum channel by having the white tape serve as a reflector for us. Btw, we do have multiple autonomous modes working perfectly.

Hope this clears up your confusion.