Image Discuss: Team 522/Robo Wizards/McKee Voc. H.S., S.I. N.Y.


WARNING!!! PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED!!! Here’s Gloria again, totally exposed. If this picture is offensive to some, we apologize for her behavior. She is very graceful,yet a strong and forceful gal, and is used to getting her way!
To see more of Gloria, please be our invited guests and visit her at her home at For those wishing to meet her in person, she’ll be performing at both the NYC and the Canadian Regionals. If we’re lucky enough to find a sponsor, we’d love to visit y’all down in Houston, for the Nationals.

Wow, what a radical style! Kind of a 21st century WW1 tank tread… Don’t know exactly what it’ll do, but hope you get to Nationals so we can visit with you and see your 'bot. Best of luck!

Paint job and engine-turning on the flipper are marvelous. Looks like a funny-car.

hey wizziards will we be seeing you at the new york regional this year. i rember the last 2 years we were right next to you in the pit (LHS/CTE 549) you guys always build awesome robots and i wish you the best of luck hope to see you there and hopefully we can be teamed up this year.