Image Discuss: Team 60 - Rear View


Whats the white wing material made from?

Very nice idea. Could even fly over the ramp!

Just a question. How is your light visible 360 degrees. Previous posted pictures of your bot show it on base.

Also any concern that blocking opponents view across the field may be deemed a safety hazard?

You should put the Superman logo on the wings. :smiley:

But good job, just beware of the masts. If you go to fast when they are deployed the bot will topple over. But a very clever idea.

You can probably see the light through the netting material. Maybe not the light itself but the color if gives off

Looks really cool, also looks like it will fold up kinda like the wings on a bat or chinese fan (you know what i mean). With a good autonomous program this robot will be a sure winner.

Just a question … if another robot ran into the wings at full speed, wouldn’t your robot topple over? Just wondering. Other than that, very nice. :slight_smile:

  • Katie

Now, if only we have competitions outdoor… Then depending on the wind, the kingman robot might be traveling really really fast, or can’t move at all… This robot will be PERFECT for a water competition. It can also resist enemy’s robot pushing them at high speed. Say, do the Astrodome have indoor weather control?

Also, what if the kingman “accidentally” broke down in front of either side’s driver station? I remembered last year at silicon Valley regional when the kingman robot got pushed back to the wall and died… But with this robot its going to block their own alliance drivers’ view or the opposite alliance drivers’ view.

No pic from the other side of the bot?

You guys have a time on how long it takes your bot to get to the boxes?

*Originally posted by JosephM *
**You should put the Superman logo on the wings. :smiley: **

Superman doesn’t have wings.

You guys have a time on how long it takes your bot to get to the boxes?


Uhhhhh… How strong are those wings? I’m assuming they’re pretty strong, because after all, you are Team 60 and this is your robot… They just don’t look strong…

Lets say someone runs in your wing - will it give way?

The wings are 2" aluminum tubing with triangular cross bracing.

A lot of people have been IM me about the time it takes to get to the stacks, with different options to chose. Yes… it is definitely less than 5 seconds :wink:

I am still waiting for a pic from the other side.

less than 3??