Image Discuss: Team 64. What is it?

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maybe a 2 motor drive system with the cim on helical gears and then mated with the bosch then sent to the wheel. i could be wrong though


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Looks like a 4wd slip steering system to me.

i think it is coupled 4wd slip… i am curious to see what they used for there front wheels, because a chain would butcher maneuverability…


Congrats Frank for pulling this off, it rips the socks off of ANY drive system I have ever seen :ahh:

Of course, I pity Brian G. for having to program the infinite combinations :wink:

As I should be pityed. Thanks Brian.:slight_smile:

we had it on rainmaker 1 (2000 season)…it is a way to have 6 wheels on two motors. If it is like ours it is a tank drive.

A little off base there Katy. I would tell you exactly what it is, but I am not sure the Gila Monsters would like that :yikes:

Ask them, maybe one of them will explain their wonderful, super drive system that I would give my left arm for :rolleyes:

Probably a drive system which is gearing stuff down using sprockets.

Looks like the drill motor is turning the inside of the big hollow tube.

Notice the CIM perpendicular to the drill motor though. Probably a very interesting assembly inside that “hollow” tube.

Well, I could be wrong, but is it something like the CCT? (Crazy Chicken Transmission?) Where you don’t sacrifice any speed for torque?


For the complete technical explanation you will need to visit team #64’s pit and talk to one of the engineers.

My understanding is that it is a three speed, electronic, automatic transmission using a planetary gear set. Honest!

Ken Loyd
Team 64

PS Brian, am I close?

A hand and a piece of the base probably.

well, I programmed the thing and I barely now how it works. I think the best response had to be, “base of a windmill” though. Great humor!

Oh boy :rolleyes:

Ken, you forgot about the part that you guys can switch between low and high gear (plus everything in between) on the fly BECAUSE of that planetary gear set up you have going. Talk about understating, sheesh :yikes: