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Just a pic of this years beast

is the battery mounted where it’s going to be?

if so, is that legal?


If you look closely there are two batteries. The one in question was probably used as a 14 pound weight.


Those go-kart tires are the exact same ones our team is using! and we have castors in the front and a welded aluminum frame too! I’m assuming those are castors, are they steerable? they look like they have some sort of a connecting rod.

Good luck at the competition(s).

by looking at it both questions here are answered.

The battery without any connections on it would be legal where it is even if it were to be the power source. Battery’s can be in any orientation.

The front (grey) wheels are large casters. They have a shroud above them attached to a free motion point for swiveling.

Nice looking robot 710

Nice bot (I have a strange attraction to robots with six wheels:D )

Is this the the complete robot or are you still going to add arms, or wings, or cannons…

I checked 710’s website under pictures for this year and it says "Top Secret Build Photos (ACCESS DENIED) ". What are in these mistery photos, the same as on Chief Delphi. Do tell, Do tell.

LoL, My Bad I don’t know why Pete posted that picture, Thats a 4 wheel drive in the back and 2 wheel steering in the front we have the arm mounted just not a picture of it loaded up

The arm rotates from side to side, It extends to 7 1/2 ’ and colapses to the 14 "

our bot does about 9 ft per second and its pimp as anything, I’ll get some pics loaded up so you can see it real soon, sorry about the classified some of my team members like to keep an air of secrecy but ehh I don’t really care if everyone knows

We get up the ramp in 2.5 seconds in autonous mode, and our lexan covering will be pretty dang pimp :slight_smile:

thats all for now I’ll get another pic loaded up

Btw those batteries were just to symoblize the weight of the arm for our drivers and to keep more traction the front two wheels

cya at comps

Dan Team 710

hey guys ya pete put up a bad pic of are robot thats one of the first i am that guy taking all the pics i have all them save on my computer i will get you a good one in a latter post and in reply to your queston on are webpage all pictures will be albe to be seen on tuesday its mostly the mentors that want ot keep stuff secret but we will answer basically any questio:)

But I’m curious, what kind of traction can you get with six wheels?

i cant give you a scientific number but we do get excelletn traction those go ped wheels are about equal to traction on the bar as pretty much any other whell i have seen on this sight but when we get on the smooth surface they are excellent they are prob the stickest wheel on it and the front wheels we ordered are great and they are good for the turning mechanism to