Image Discuss: Team 73 2003


Introducing Team 73’s Robot for the 2003 season for more pictures go to this temporary gallery

and if you have any questions about the robot feel free to e-mail or PM me Good Luck in this season all

Nice and elegant. I like the orientation flipper, never even thought that possible. Have you had any problems with just using the wheel chair wheels on the mesh? (Can’t see if you ribbed the wheel or not) How about on the hdpe?

thank you, I think that the wheel chair wheels will suprise alot of people, they are extremely “grippy” on the hdpe and we notched them and have no problems getting up the ramp and around the field…

The back wheels are ribbed, but not the front (but that happened after most of the pictures were taken). Right now, we are working on weight distribution, which will help our traction more. We don’t plan to get into pushing matches, but we can if we have to. The wheels stick much better then I imagined to the HDPE.

We are very fast at stacking, but slow at orienting (which will get better with driver practice). We can do 6 boxes reliably, up to 8 or so if we have to.

How do the casters work on the mesh, they look like they’d bind alot.

the casters are fine on the mesh…we have had no problems with them.

Note on our drive train…at the beginning of the season myself and others were skeptical of casters and the wheel chair wheels but all we needed to do was build the ramp and put the 2001 robot on it and we were very surprised with the results…in short the drive train in our new robot is modeled after the 2001 robot with a few modifications because of motor changes and improving stability…but overall we have great control on the carpet, ramp, and HDPE

and for all those teams that are skeptical about the wheelchair wheels on the HDPE go test it your self with the ones in the kit…i think you will be surprised also