Image Discuss: Team 773 Drivetrain Prototype

Here is one of our drivetrain prototypes using a Globe Motor, chain, and 2 sprockets.

If you ARE using that, I wouldn’t be surprised at it failing. A solid smack to the side would disable you. Beyond that, those look to be bigger that 36" diameter wheels… thus putting you over the limit’s in any orientation. Still funny though.

I don’t think they can use it. Isn’t it too big?

As long as the student in the photo is only 42" tall, then it scales out that they can use the wheels. :slight_smile:

Alternative hypothesis: The “wheel” will be mounted horizontally. What look like spokes are actually very small airfoils. Spinning very, very fast, the wheel will generate a lot of lift. Presto - instant helicopter! Team 773 is obviously intending to fly over the ramp structure, pluck containers from the opposing team’s stacks and place them on the 773 alliance stacks while maintaining a maximum (albeit losing) score for their opponents. Brilliant!


Y = AX^2 + B… ehhh, whatever

err, dave, are you getting enough sleep…? :slight_smile:

I want to see a team actually use wheels this size. :smiley: Well, smaller than that to actually fit with-in regulation.