Image Discuss: Team 773 Stacking


Here’s the Final product, we hope :slight_smile:
We don’t have the Giant wheel from our previous upload

mounted yet, but were working on it. We find the RPM’s still a bit quick for handleing, however uplift has reached it’s apex.

hmm, looks to me that the light would be deamed illegal unless it pivots with servo or sumtin else, might wanna change that around

Why would you say that the light would be illegal? Is it the horizontal rule, or are you worried about how well it’s protected? Whe whole arm pivots and is horizontal most of the time, and it doesn’t come in contact with much. Oh well, thanks for the help in advance.

Who knows what illegal for the light anymore…

That doesn’t look to well protected from impact though.

from what i understand the light has to be vertical for “99%” of the time, it may be protected but they might not like the horizontal aspect

I should have chosen my words more carefully, when I said horizontal, I meant that the surface that it is mounted to will be horizontal much of the time, not 99% but a lot. Because the light is perpendicular to the surface, it will be veritcal. When the arm is raised the light is also be well protected. And like Gadget said, Who knows what’s legal or illegal with the light anymore? Who knows, maybe the mystical Team Update #15 will have the answers.

i also should have chosen my words better, the light has to be upright, so if the arm its on is down most of the time, it looks like the light might be upside down, thus being illegal, and if the arm is up for more than say 4 seconds at a time and causing the light to be horizontal during that time then that would also be illegal…they say that for low bots who travel under the bar if the light sticks up it can swirve upside down for the time it takes to go under the bar, but then it must return to the vertical position as soon as possible, they figure 3-4 seconds would be the average allowable time

The light rule I think is ridiculous. As long as you got a light on your bot and it works for the first second of the match its good. It serves the purpose of a light. If it breaks then guess what its not your fault and I think many people shouldn’t be sticklers on where and how they put a light on their bot. Seriously if the light emits a color and spins it works end of story. I find it ridiculous that the first reply to this thread and many others not just this one is your light is illegal. Let’s not disect mute points such as this and instead just congratulate them for what appears to be a very solid robot. Good job guys! Ok I’m done ranting now but that has been irking for a long time

ok, im not trying to down their robot,it looks solid, and im not a person whos really happy about the light ruling either, but FIRST probobly will be quite tough on the light, like they said they would be. i just dont want them to show up at the competition and have to redesign a mount for their light because the inspectors say its illegal

I doubt placing it upside down would matter but when the arm is up it looks like the arm would block the light from the rear.

The light is supposed to identify the bot for the fans, true it gets in the way but its the easiest solution. At least its better than those colored apron things they made us wear in gym in elementary school. So if you have a better solution submit it for Y2K4.

On the other side of the light on the arm is a sheet of clear lexan with some stickers on it. I don’t think that visibility would be a big issue although I guess light can’t come out of the black plastic bottom of the light. However, the arm does not do much to reduce the lights visibility.

Can it flip boxes into the correct position to lift them?

We can pick up boxes that are on their side or that are upright. The only ones we have some trouble with are ones that are upside down, but were finding ways of pursuading them into the proper orientation ;).

For the record, no one saw the light as a problem in competition and it was never really a problem. BTW, thanks to our alliance partners @ the Canadian Regional, BlueLightning 578 and 1036 blues. We did alright, both QF matches were close, closer than the scores show.