Image Discuss: Team #968

We are asily able to clear the 6th box (we can pick up the 6 boxes and stack them on top of another stack as well)

We can also pick up (and rotate) a box in any orientation…Not sure if we will ever have time though… Chatsworth showed alot of us how little time we have out there. I dont think a single team attempted to (maybe) or succesfully stacked boxes… (we never tried due to some debugging of the drivetrain)

I saw you guys at the SCRRF scrimmage. You are a bit topheavy, and to avoid flipping, you should either add weight to the bottom or take away weight from the top

We are actully not that top heavy…when the arm is down our cg is ~ 11 inches above the floor centered ~4 inches in front of the rear wheels.

The reason we kept tipping was because this was the first time our drivers drove the robot on the ramp. The problems arose because they would jerk the joystick backwards while moving forwards down the ramp. This will obviously make a robot that is even remotley high to become tipsy… We had our drivers practice outside some and came back the last 2 matches without tipping over.

It took them some time to realize not to change direction while moving on the ramp…

The amrs on the other hand…work really well, but seem completely useless…stacking just doesnt seem like a worth while cause

We are talking about building some sort of device to knock the boxes down and re-installing our gearboxes (which were removed because we were 30lbs over weight…notice the 2 drill motors and nothing else?)

So you guys might see a totally different robot in pheonix…that is if we can rebuild this beast in the next 2 days

Ok… Looking forward to it

How long does it take to stack 6 boxes that are randomly on the floor?

we havent timed it yet …

we have only really stacked a few at a time… never really timed it under pressure

we just finished it yesterday morning and went to chatsworth the entire day…

My guess is about 6-8 secs per box from on the ground to released on the stack, taking into account that the boxes are all over the scoring zone and in different orientations

like i said before we arent sure if we are going to keep this design…its a shame because it works failry effectively and is super simple. the problem is that the stacks get knocked over really easily… we will see what happens

I don’t know if you saw it, but the first time you tipped was when you were hit by 974 and the whole wall of boxes.

Oh i know… that was unfortunate but we have learned things like that happen…

no damage occured to our robot… we just have learned to be a little more careful on the ramp