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In defense of the Kats, its not like ther the only ones making a tread system. The problem of it not conforming will happen with anyone who has more than 4 fixed wheels. Why, if you have 6 wheels the middle wheels will pick the front ones up as you go over the ramp. So its not like the Kats are facing this problem alone. If you consider a low CG and treads in general should anyone get in there way they may just drive on top of them.

Instead of a half track I’d of considered 2 per side like some of those arctic vihicles, but then again is it worth all the additional weight and work?

actually, our team solved the problem by having one of our axle’s rotate vertically around the middle point. that way - no matter what angle we approach or exit the ramp from - we always keep all 4 wheels on the ground.

Surprise, surprise, the Technokats are using tracks. I think I could’ve guessed that one. You guys are just too predictable :smiley:

Looks like you guys are using the brecoflex self tracking pullies and timing belt. i always wanted to use that stuff for a tracked system, it will be very difficult to push this robot from the side to dislodge the tracks. congrats 45 on another sweet drivetrain

Yes, yes – I know this thread is two years old. I have a good memory.

I had a question about the tensioning cam and am hoping someone from 45 sees this soon.

Specifically, I was wondering what the chassis side of things may have looked like here. Is there a matching tensioning cam on the other side of the pulley, or was one sufficient?

Also, any insight into the practical operation of this idea would be appreciated. Did it work as advertised, so to speak?

I’m looking into a cam like this for a similar use, though primarily as a means of relieving belt or chain tension.

Since, I took that picture let me see if I can find any more.

It’s been awhile, but here’s what I remember (I think). It was the same on the other side. I think I remember that we tightened by the inside/outside with our hands at first, then used a hammer (and maybe a flathead screwdriver) to tap them tight.

Did it work?
If I remember correctly it worked pretty well. (Hopefully, Baker will correct me if I’m wrong). I want to say I remember breaking off atleast one of the small tabs while adjusting the cams, but I can’t remember one ever coming loose during a match.

I now remember that we changed the shape of the cam for the Midwest Regional, but I can’t remember why.

In this bad picture you can sort of make out the new shape.

If I recall correctly, this aluminum sheet cam was replaced by a steel sheet. Only one cam tensioner was used on each tread. The back wheel was stationary, as it was the driven wheel. The front wheel is the one shown in this pic, and its axle was mounted in a slot and tensioned by this cam.

I suggest a wider cam. Our sheet steel cam was probably .06-.09 thick. Give yourself a break and go with a 1/4" thick cam for this type of tension adjustment.

Looking at this thread, I laugh. 2003 was the 4th year out of 5 of which we did treads and we have not done them since. I don’t miss those treads, that is for sure.

Andy B.

Woot! Tkats do treads very nice loving it Mr.Baker, this was for the 2003 game forgive my lack of reading?

I had never seen this one. Definitely very nice and the cam idea is very cool.
I never saw this robot in action and I’m wondering how good it was at turning and does it have and offset middle pulley or something to help it turn?

Just Wondering :rolleyes:

Here is a list of videos and photos of the 2002-2003 TechnoKat robot. The videos show off various driving and the pictures are mostly of the drivebase.

I think there was an offset somewhere between 0.25 - 0.35 inches from the bottom of the outermost pulley to the middle one.

EDIT: I’ll add the link when my internet starts behaving…

I’ll leave these up for a few days.