Image display to smartDashboard.

Hello. I am trying to get an image with the bounding box of my target onto the smartDashboard. The one problem I have run into is that I have no idea of how to get modified images over to the computer. The only way I have found to get a camera onto the smartDashboard was with view> add> camera. I was just wondering if there was any existing code to do so. I don’t mind writing my own widget as it would be a good learning experience but I would NOT like to rewrite software that already exists just for the sake of learning, as 6 weeks is not much time.

Do you need an image from the camera to image process?

Have you looked into Roborealm? This resource was distributed in the KOP this year, with a link to the download and a license key. I haven’t done much work with it myself, but my understanding is that it will help you do exactly what you are trying to do.

Honestly, I checked it out and using it would be more complicated and difficult, for us at least. We already have an image and all of the things we need to draw the rectangle. We just need to draw it and get it to the smartDashoard. So do I have confirmation that I will have to write my own widget.

We did this last year, we modified the SquareTrackerExtension from the smartdashboard svn repository to have it draw polygons recognized by our vision code: source

The usual image processing additions are in processImage() (which did the bounding boxes) and then the UI additions are in paintComponent(). The additions were mainly some debug text and the ability to click and select polygons for the targeting system.

I’m a bit unfamiliar with the the 2013 vision code, but if it’s at all similar this could help out a bit.

I started a new thread about this but I’m going to ask it here as I have not gotten any replies on said thread. Does anyone have GOOD documentation on how network tables works? The java docs don’t count. I mean like a PDF.