Image Dst issues

Hello. I am doing my vision tracking on the dashboard. I would like to display the rectangles on the real image which means I have to make the VIs not overwrite the image. I found out that this is done by wiring up image dst. what I dont understand is this: what do I wire up to image dst? Do i create a constant at that location? What do I do?

Because of their memory size, the vision team chose to expose allocations to the user. This means that they are a bit more fiddly that normal LV data, but it isn’t that hard or dangerous.

If you look at the left of the typical vision diagram, you’ll see that some images are Created and are wired in as dest images to other blocks. These are typically not deallocated and are used over and over, so no need to close them.

Make sure that you set the image depth correctly or you’ll get runtime errors about the destination not being compatible.

Greg McKaskle

That is good knowledge to have in the future, but I was hoping to learn how to use the image dst link on the vision VIs.

I’m sorry if my post was confusing. I was explaining how to create an image that you would then wire into Dst.

I believe the general rules for image VIs are that with no Image Dst, it will attempt to use Image Src for the output image. If that won’t work, it will return an error.

If you wire an Image Dst, it will leave Image Src alone and will place the output into Image Dst.

There is also the technique of branching the wire and wiring a single image to both Src and Dst. I believe this is similar to leaving Dst unwired. The help for the various Vision VIs will contain details about Src and Dst requirements.

Greg McKaksle