Image Gallery Software Feedback

Hey, i was wondering if i could get some feedback on a piece of gallery software i am designing for the team

you can find it at
please note that it is made with heavy reliance on javascript and AJAX functions… so visiting this page without javascript enabled may not go over so well.

if it runs slow, can you also post some general PC specs? (gfx card/ memory/ proc speed)

i like it. possibly make it adjust to your monitors resolution… i had about 1 line that i had of scrolling up and down.


Very well done gallery, although here are a few things to fill up the rest of your six weeks.

  1. Choppy Images – “Scroll Backward/Foreward” Buttons + “Pause/Play Slideshow” Buttons + “Gallery” button on left side of screen
  2. Upon viewing Galleries, I am unable to clearly see bottom two galleries. You could possibly add a scroller here or something to be able to view the bottom galleries.

– Other than that, looks pretty nice.

yeah, ive been trying to figure out how i should implement the scrolling feature. ive got ideas, but nothing definite

and choppy images? like too aliased? you can thank IE for that…

You can make the buttons square…then you wouldn’t have to worry about a transparent gif with jaggy edges.

I have images that are too aliased in Firefox also. IE doesn’t change images too my knowledge unless you’re talking about their poor support for .pngs. :rolleyes: