Image Gallery

Im looking for a free custom image gallery, that would be easy to install and update on our website.


We use Coppermine Photo Gallery. We haven’t had a problem with it yet. I like it, it was easy to set up and add to phpbb.

You can view our gallery here.

Gallery2 is the one i use on a few sites and soon to use on my teams site


Yes, both of the previously mentioned galleries are the two most popular free open-source image galleries. I personally like Coppermine because it can be easily integrated into most other PHP-run software, specifically PHPbb and Drupal.

What’s your experience and comfort level?

if you would like a more basic photo gallery try micro photo gallery it is a program where you just put the file in the folder with all the images you want to have in the gallery and it automatically scans the folder and creates thumbnails. It is very clean nice and simple if your just looking for a really easy and simple script. I love it! If you have any questions or need help with your site Message me!

Also a very good question by blakcheez. What is your experience and comfort level?

Simular to micro photo but for

I am very comfortable with HTML and CSS. I have very little experience with PHP

well it never hurt to experiment with different things. Try all or some of the ideas given in this thread. They are all great ideas. If you need any help at all with anything I can help you out.

What system would be easiest to integrate into the current layout of a page?? you can see what im talking about here -> is it possible for any of these systems to go where the main content sits?

I can not speak for the other systems but I can speak for Micro Photo Gallery. It is easily put into an I-frame and could be put into your content space. I don’t even think you need an I frame. Perhaps just enclose it in a Div.