Image Problems

We are currently testing our camera and where the lens of the camera is pointing is not where the picture is. For example when we are directly between the two lights and the camera sees the two lights the lens of the camera is pointing more to the left of the target than in the center. Can anybody help me with this problem PLEASE:confused: :yikes:

I have the same problem, but i think it because the servos are set 124, 124 versus 127 could make that little difference. If u are using the steamlined version. you can go to tracking.h and set the PAN_CENTER_PWM_DEFAULT to 127. let me noe if that helps

Yeah, we have exactly the same problem. I don’t think it has anything to do with the servos because the camera lens is the thing that is pointed more toward the left while the image appears to be centered. Help would be much appreciated!

You need to offset the center of the target in tracking.h

// These two values define the image pixel that we’re
// going to try to keep the tracked object on. By default
// the center of the image is used.

Try changing the pan up and down to find the number that best centers your camera

I had thought of that, but why isn’t the image centered with the lens anyway? Maybe we’ll just make our own camera without that mistake… he he

Yeah, I’m not sure if it is a mechanical problem or if it is a firmware problem with the camera… we found we had to offset it quite a bit to get it to look straight. We noticed this problem all three years…

Anyone know why this occurs?