Image processing off of the cRio?

So I have been charged by my team to work on image processing to try to locate the hoop. I have tried a few things, but realized that I may need to process them off of the cRio, on the classmate. (The images take up to much space)

Is there another way around the image size error?

I’ve found several general image processing guides online, but they are all for labview.

Can anyone give any help, or if they have used it in the past, what did you do?

-Thanks for any help :smiley:

There is a sample program in the latest plugin for Netbeans that does the image processing within the resources that are on the cRIO. The sample will process 640x480 images at about 3-4 / second. Unless you are aiming from very far away, smaller image sizes will be effective and much faster to process.

I’m not sure what image size error you’re referring to. But be sure that you free the images after using them, it will cause memory errors since they are stored as C data structures and will not be automatically deallocated.