image processing with javacv and smart dashboard

Hey this year our teams has decided to do the image processing on the driver station laptop (java). I have the smart dashboard installed and can use it to send values between the robot and the driverstation. I was wondering how to get the video feed from the axis camera to appear on the smart dashboard. Also I haven’t been able to get the libraries for javacv to appear in my netbeans. I’ve read through the wpi cookbook and a few other places but have hit a dead end. Any help would be appreciated.

when you say how, do you mean what do you plug in on the robot to get video feed? if so, then plug in an ethernet cable into the camera and into the CRio.

No I know how to do that. I can get the camera feed on the old dashboard. I need to know what settings I need to use or something…

By default, the Axis camera will not show images to the Smart Dashboard.
You must change the settings on the camera to allow anonymous viewing. After that, if the IP of the camera is set (make sure View > Editable is checked then right click the camera and select Preferences) you should start seeing images.

The wiki page of the SmartDashboard has some useful information, including how to make your own extensions.

Thanks the anonomous request thing was the problem. That’s perfect. On a similar note I found out were to get the jar file I needed. They were on the left >_<

How do you change the settings for anonymous viewing

Use a web browser to browse to he camera’s IP address
Login is username: FRC Password: FRC
Go to Setup and there will be a check box for autonomous viewing

The check box is found under
Setup->System Options->Security->Users
Enable anonymous viewer login
Here’s a screen shot of the page on the Axis M1011. It’s similar on the older Axis 206 camera.