Image RoboRio

We are looking to see if anybody knows how to re-image our roborio from LabView to Java.

Thanks in Advance

No need to reimage, the image is the same for both languages.
You only have to reimage if the version is not up-to-date and then it’s just using the roboRIO Imaging Tool as usual.

You do need to install Java 8 on the roboRIO
Installing Java 8 on the roboRIO using the FRC roboRIO Java Installer (Java only)

The roboRIO boots the last language user program placed on it.
The only special procedure is for going from C++/Java back to LabVIEW, not the other way around, because the C++/Java programs don’t give up easily.

We have our java code compiled with no errors, but when I plug it in and upload it, it still runs our old labview code? the Labview files are different from the java files.

Ok Thanks for the Help we will try redownloading the program.

If you want to make sure that you aren’t running any old LabVIEW program, you can use puTTY to connect to the roboRIO and find and delete the user program.

You can also reimage just to clear out the roboRIO completely and start over fresh.