Imagery award winning teams

I would like to see the visual identities of teams that win the imagery award.


We’ve won numerous Imagery awards. I think it’s our ubiquitous black and white theme :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also like to know these requirements. From many teams and mentors i have been told that our team always looks good an is always repectful. Mr.Lim said this last year, and has been around long enough to know that it wasnt just a one time thing. I kinda wonder why we have never won it before.

This will be an award that I will try an get my team to help win this year.

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We’ve won the imagery award quite a few times. The judges tend to enjoy our red and white striped jerseys and our theme of Where’s Waldo. Plus our team has a lot of spirit and we’re quite visible at competition.

The Holy Cows have an amazing imagery that permeates everything about their team, even going so far as to having a line of Holy Cow cleaning supplies :smiley:

Having the pleasure to judge them at various regionals, you cannot make it through the Holy Cow zone untouched by their marketing team.

SO TRUE! Where’s Waldo Destroys our imagery. When a whole team goes to a competition they aren’t even competeting in to chear on 1114 and 2056, you know they have amazing imagery :slight_smile:
And you guys cheer 77WHO?! 772! all the time :D!

From the 2012 manual this is the description of the award:
“This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration from the machine to the team appearance.”

Imagery is something that is so integrated into your team that it would be impossible to think of your team without it. The team image has to stick out in a way that makes an impression on the judges. Almost every team out there can put on matching shirts, then paint their robot… what will you guys do differently? Do you adopt a team theme song or cheer and sing it every time you are at a match? Do you build a team mascot costume? Think outside of the box.

If you want good examples take a look at some teams that are really well known, they are well known for a reason. I think 1902 has some of the best imagery. Waldo’s is also good, as is 359, and MOE.

The key to the award is getting the judges’ attention - particularly at the National level. There are a lot of teams with great visuals - take a hard look at yourself and decide what makes you different. And more than imagery is involved - if you get the judges attention for another reason**, then when it is time to discuss imagery, you will be in the judges’ minds.

** As long as the reason is positive. If you or anyone associated with your team is seen by a single judge acting in an un-GP manner, being rude to arena workers for example, forget about getting any award.

When ever you see even a small part, it needs to pop “Oh that’s xxx” Look at Carol’s avatar. Just a glance, and you go “Hey, it is a Moe member!” (Note, sometimes it’s not, like the lady with the very nice Coach handbag in a shade close to “Moe Green” that was on the elevator at work, she didn’t appreciate it. :rolleyes:

It’s branding, from robot wheels to safety glasses. Keep it simple to identify, simple to match in people’s brain (Moe green, Rolling Thunder red cammo, etc) and put it out there as much as possible.

Hi, 1902 has won the imagery award a few times and the main thing we focus on, and tell others, is that your whole team should present a consistent and relevant theme. For instance the Exploding Bacon brand has a few things going for it right off the bat (cute logo, relation to a popular food item, fun cheer) and we basically set our image up around the pig, bacon, and explosion themes.

If you’re interested we have done a workshop about FIRST marketing and branding for the past two years at the Championship event and have recently posted a video and slideshow from it online. (Check it out at our Facebook page) It’s about 30 minutes long and if you have any questions let us know, we’d be glad to help out.

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STEMpunk (4531) has won Imagery 5 out of 6 times thanks to our pit, robot design, and costumes that our students wear.
here are some images/ videos

teaaam teaam


We (3593 INVICTUS) have been fortunate to win several imagery awards including last year at champs. The main feedback we have gotten is the complete integration of the theme stemming back to how our name was chosen. It also helps that our main colors are red and black so it’s easy to incorporate that in the robot down to most of the wiring!

Bit of a thread revival, but we’ve won it a few times.

For us it’s purple. Everything purple. We want you to think “What, they even found that in purple?” Like zip ties, collets, 3D printed parts, whiteboard markers, floor tiles in the pit, the tape holding down said floor tiles, robot cart, clipboards, etc. Kids wear purple shoes, purple lipstick, purple hair dye. Recently we tweeted a photo of our kids doing CAD during build season and the first reply was “Even your mice are purple??” Yessir…

More recently we have adopted a safety mascot, a plush purple stuffie named Shep the Safety Sheep, who is fast becoming a team icon. Shep was on Einstein at Detroit last year as the winning alliance borrowed him.

But it’s not just about your appearance. I think “imagery” refers to your team brand and reputation as well. Looking back at the first posts in this thread, I don’t know if 1114 ever did win the imagery award, but today everyone knows both their image (the red, the italicized thin letters) as well as their reputation (really good bots, really GP people that love to help out others). I would say the latter is far more important and impactful than what color your team pens are.

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I think @akoscielski3 was with team 772 when they originally posted in this thread.

According to TBA, 772 won the imagery award in 2016 at the Greater Toronto Central Regional. Link

TBA has no record of 1114 ever winning the imagery award.

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We’ve won it a couple of times, including once at champs. From the award scripts that were read out, it wasn’t strictly about having a recognizable image for the team (although we certainly have that!). It was also about how we use the image in our community to fulfill our teams mission. When it comes to this award, I think it’s important to not only ensure your image is cohesive across team members, robot, and pit, but also that you know and are able to convey what that image means to you.

That is correct that I was a student on 772 at the time I posted in this thread. I joined 1114 in July 2013 after going to IRI with the team

Looks like I didn’t double check my posts back then either…

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Please appreciate my intent as constructive criticism. I am interested in improving my teams image as it as award we’ve not been drawn to in the past. Being unfamiliar with your team, and it sounds as if you work toward this award in this I looked at the website; its due for an update.

Team 1547 folded after the 2017 season in order to pursue a different robotics competition. (At least that is what I’v been told.)

I’d like to see them return to FRC some day. Their team was awesome.

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… You do realize she posted that in 2012, she hasn’t posted since 2013 and her team folded after 2017 so yeah not surprising everything is a little out of date on their website.


We won the award for the first time this year.
Here is our team outfit:

Our unofficial “mascot:”

Our logo:
Q%20Branch%202019 !

And our Pit:

We’re the ‘pink team’ in case you didn’t notice