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I may just be having a dumb day…

I am having difficulty embedding an image in a post. When I click on the “insert image” icon, I get a window to type in an URL.

When I attempt an attachment, it attaches but does not show up in my message when I do a preview.

When I read the FAQ on attachments, it references an “attachment” icon that I do not see…

I even tried to make an attachment, open it up, get the URL of the CD location, click on the insert image icon and paste the CD URL location of the attachment into the window. When I preview, all I see is a URL link and no picture.

What am I doing wrong?

This code: (delete the space in the image tag) 

Does this:

For the tags to work, you need a url to an image on the web.

For attatchments to work, you must have the image on your computer, then browse to it and upload it in the “Manage Attachment” button/window. And it should appear as below.

Hope that helps.

Attachments don’t appear in preview mode, but you can preview the attatchment by clicking the link above the “Manage Attatchments” button.



To insert pictures directly from a webpage, you link the url of the image from the “insert image” button shown in picture 1

To attach an image directly from your computer, you use the “manage attachments” button found below the area that you type in shown in picture 2.

picture 1.jpeg
picture 2.jpeg

picture 1.jpeg
picture 2.jpeg

Thanks guys…

For the tags to work, you need a url to an image on the web.

When you’re uploading an image, make sure you’re getting the actual location of the image, and not the webpage as a whole. To do this, right click on the image and go to “Properties”. From there, it will tell you the location of the image itself, which may be different from the address of the page you are viewing.