I have come to the conclusion that I have no imagination what so ever. This could be due to the fact that growing up no adays kids have video games and tv and don’t have to use an imagination and develop it, but I have none. I can’t think of what to make where to start… Ideas help this is not just for this comp I just want summin to model or make in my spare time waht do u think?

P.S. I also have no spelling or grammer skils but hat a whole nother story

try a person. its always a challenge and its always different. or try other life forms (aliens and such) or just wierd contraptions (space ships, cars, boats, ect.)

Design your dreamhouse. (Sounds like some Barbie computer game…heh)

yeah…I posted this in the “Starting Work” Thread also, but maybe you should try making a cool promotional video to show off the capabilities of MAX to potential animators. Just start with a storyboard and work from there.