Imaging help!

I am very confused with an issue that came up when I was imaging our new cRIO. The imaging tool recognized the cRIO, but my FRC_ImageVersion.ini file is missing. Can anyone tell me where I can get this file? I could not find it in the update, or anywhere else. Am I the only one with this issue? please help!

I need help Whenever Possible

What is telling you the file is missing? Can you not proceed with the imaging process without it? I thought FRC_ImageVersion.ini was a file on the cRIO itself.

Well, When I go to launch the image process, it come up with an error saying “file missing from directory C:\users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\lvtemporaryd_209478\FRC_ImageVersion.ini please enter alternate directory, or check that the file is there using windows explorer or command prompt.”

It looks like the installation of the FRC tools didn’t quite work. Try rerunning the 2014 FRC update.

Make sure you extract everything from the .zip file first before running the setup.exe program. Installing directly from inside a compressed archive often fails to work properly.

I have seen that failure when the imaging tool is not able to FTP to the robot. This can happen when the IP address of your computer is misconfigured or when a firewall is blocking FTP.

Not sure if firewall and anti-virus software are the reason, but temporarily disabling them has solved some of the issues related Radio and cRIO setup. Sometimes power cycling the whole system, radio, cRIO, Windows based PC/laptop helps too!

Thanks for all the help! We fixed the problem and our robot is working now, THanks!:smiley:

It would help other people in the future if you posted what you did to fix the problem.

We had trouble with an I.P. conflict, but we fixed that.