Imaging Laptop Tutorial

Can anyone link to a tutorial that shows how to image a laptop or computer with the thumbdrive. I got the classmate imaged, but the directions do not seem to be working with a laptop. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1300 with a celeron M processor. Thanks.

You do NOT use the Classmate Image USB stick with any other laptop.
It is specific to that model, and that model only.

It is not necessary for any other laptop in any case.
It’s really only upgrading the 2010 classmate operating system to Windows 7. Everything software this year is installed via DVD or downloaded software update, not via the stick.

It you’ve reformatted your Dell, then you’ll have to go back to the OS install disks that hopefully came with that machine.

In fact, it would likely be illegal to attempt to image another laptop with the thumbdrive. The key for windows that we will be using is not meant to be used on your personal computer.

However, if you want a second drivers-station, you can download the stand-alone driver station executables from and use those last time I checked.

Thanks. I got the driver station from the first website as suggested.

So what do we do if one of your team mates put the flashdrive into another laptop?

Did it break the other laptop?
You may need to reinstall the original OS.

No it did not seem to affect the laptop in anyway. I am mostly asking if i need to download the previously mentioned file and install that/

Yea, just grab and install the Utilities and Driver Station Updates from the Software Updates page.

If you want one of the programming environments you can install that too.

O.K. cool thank you. I’ll be sure to do that