Imaging roboRio

Hi I’m on FRC team 4976 I’m trying to Image my roboRio I it seems to fail everytime I have tried rebooting my computer aswell as the roboRio and I did notice that the FRC RoboRio Imaging Tool.ini file seems to not be there

What exactly happens when it fails (do you get an error, crash, etc.)?

Protocal Error (arg 1)

This is the error message that popups



It looks like this is a duplicate of this post you can try the things they suggested there and see if it works for you

We also encountered that problem. I found shutting down the PC imaging program (not the RIO) and restarting it, fixed the problem.

I noticed you have the 2015 reimaging tool, I didn’t get that with the software in our KOP, where did you get that?

That comes with the FRC Update

Installing the FRC 2015 Update Suite (All Languages)