Imaging the classmate

Hey guys, we recently received the Intel classmate E12. It doesn’t come with an OS so I was wondering if we could image it with last years USB drive that came in the kit of parts. Thanks

I would grab the latest image, and put that on your USB. Here’s where you can download the latest images:

Here are the steps:

We were trying that but we would get an error that says can not open file as an archive (the 7z file)

Are you using 7 zip?

In addition to nickbrickmaster’s comment, if you’re following the instructions, you don’t need to open the .7z archive to image the Classmate. You use RMPrep to extract the archive to a bootable USB drive and it includes the libraries to open .7z archives internally. Then you boot from the USB drive and image the Classmate.

Of course, those instructions are greatly simplified. For the full instructions, go to the Imaging your Classmate link that nickbrickmaster included.