imaging tool does not see modules

I tried re-imaging a cRIO-II with the 2014 imaging tool. The whole process runs through (takes about 30 minutes), gives me a message that the process completed successfully. After rebooting the cRIO and re-scanning I do not see any of the modules (I have one analog module, one digital module, and one pneumatics module installed).

I saw a similar problem last year. Went to another PC with the same version of the imaging tool - re-imaged the cRIO and saw the modules and all was well.

In all cases I am able to ping the cRIO from a command prompt with no problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Neil Heft

Team 533 Advisor

Can you ensure that the cRIO is not working? As far as I know, the only time that the modules will show up is when using a subnet mask but I could be wrong. I’ve seen weird bugs like that in the past but I’ve never had it cause any issues.

The modules are not visible directly to the laptop. The cRIO has to put the info into a file and the laptop has to be able to ftp the file back. My guess is that laptop one had a firewall issue.

Greg McKaskle

Something is wrong. Imaging should not take 30 minutes to complete.

Connect the cRIO straight to your computer with a crossover cable and boot the cRIO while holding down the reset button. That should boot the cRIO into safe mode and force your computer to see it.

A crossover cable is not necessary. Or so I’ve been told by multiple mentors.

Some computers can switch automatically, but the cRIO can’t, and I like to be sure that it can connect.

  • I’m able to ping the cRIO at from a command prompt so I think the cabling is OK. (PC address is

  • The imaging tool formats the cRIO, reboots the cRIO, transfers a bunch of files to the cRIO over a period of about 30 minutes, and finally gives me a message that the re-imaging went successfully.

  • When I deploy software, I get a message from the imaging tool that imaging process has completed successfully.

  • When I re-scan, one PC sees the cRIO but not the modules. Another PC does not see the cRIO at all via the re-imaging tool but I can ping it from a command prompt.

  • When I try to run the driver station I get “no robot communication”

  • When I swap in another cRIO, I see the modules and the driver station sees the cRIO properly.

Can the cRIO be re-imaged while in safe mode?

Yes. Safe mode is a way to image a “messed up” cRIO.

When the DS doesn’t get communications, please switch to the Diagnostics tab and see if the messages and LEDs give any clues. The LEDs show the results of pings. The error messages may indicate something that caused it.

If the cRIO responds to ping, but communications doesn’t work, it means the UDP communications between DS and robot are not working. Check firewalls, and if you have a null-modem serial cable, you can see if the cRIO or the FRC_Communications.out file have crashed.

Another tool I sometimes use is to use wireshark to verify that the DS is sending packets to the robot and see whether the robot is sending status back. I know this is a pretty advanced tool, but if you are familiar with it, it gives lots of valuable data.

Greg McKaskle

It’s easy to be fooled. The Imaging may partially work, but fail to complete, without a crossover cable - I saw it happen this season. Best connect a crossover cable directly from the cRIO (port 1 on the 8 slot one), to your computer.

I’ve also seen Imaging fail with the computer not on the same subnet, again running partway. The imaging tool will show the IP address of your cRIO but not complete. In this case, change the computer’s IP address to the same first three
dotted numbers (eg, if the imaging tool gives the IP address as, set your computer’s IP address to, for example. Hopefully the Imaging will complete, then set your computer’s IP address to, etc.