Imaging Tool Problem.

The imaging tool has detected that you have a CAN Plugin enabled and you have an old image installed. Your CompactRIO would hang when trying to reboot. Please remove the CAN plugin from the StartupDlls line in ni-rt.ini and then manually reboot your CompactRIO before trying again.

While trying to apply settings to our cRIO, this error pops up. Where do we find this plugin/file/StartupDlls?

I believe I just downloaded the most recent (today) NI Patch which was stated as critical.

It seems that you must set your CAN plugin to none (without checking the “Format Controller” box) and click apply. Then try to format/image it as normal.

What image version is installed on the cRIO? You should not be seeing that message if the cRIO was imaged with last year’s image.

The ni-rt.ini is stored on the cRIOs file system. You can access it by ftping to 10.xx.xx.2 (fill in the x’s with your team number).

The NI Update service is what labels patches as critical. It does not update the FRC Tools, however. Make sure you’ve installed all the updates here:

Sadly, my team decided to delete and re-install LabVIEW. The imaging tool was up to date, _47, and I had applied the CRITICAL update from NI. However, I never went to the weblink and downloaded the said update. Hopefully, this will be the key and we can start moving forward again.

**Smart ideas made my team download LabVIEW onto 3 other laptops, so we DO have a backup.

After going to said site, I found out that these are the preliminary updates which have already been installed. Yesterday I opened LabVIEW and NI told me there was a NEW Critical update, which has been rumored to patch the problem with LabVIEW and SmartDash. I’ve never seen this Error until we downloaded the NI update yesterday.

Tried all three available options, none of which worked.