Imaging Tool using Windows 8?

We just spent several hours trying to image the cRIO. We were able to start the imaging tool, and connect to the cRIO. We kicked off the imaging process, however it hung with a message saying “Rebooting CompactRIO Device”. We made sure the IP address was configured properly and we were sure to use a network switch.

What we discovered is that running the imaging tool on a windows 7 computer worked for us. Has anyone else had similar issues? Is there a way to run the imaging tool on a windows 8 computer?

We had this exact problem, make sure that your adapter’s subnet mask is and try flipping the IP Reset dipswitch on the cRIO.

We imaged at least 1 cRIO using a Windows 8 machine but I have had certain computers that just do not seem to play nice with the imaging tool no matter how hard you fight with them.

The cRIO reboots and changes IP addresses during the process. Some laptops are prone to powering down the enet NIC when a device disappears and are slow to bring it back up again. In those cases, it is often helpful to plug both laptop and cRIO into a switch such as the DLink. Since the DLink is connected the whole time, the laptop hardly even knows the cRIO is winking in and out.

This really shouldn’t have anything to do with windows 8 unless it is caused by drivers for the NIC.

Greg McKaskle