Imagining cRio as not to deploy each time

Can anyone share with me a link to create a CRio image so that we do not need to deploy each time to test.

I hope that this is the right protocol


Down at the bottom of the project explorer, There should be a yellow icon next to the words “RT Startup Project” (or something along those lines, it is at the very bottom of that list). Click the plus symbol next to this, and another selection will drop down. Right click on this new item, and select “Build” from that. Wait the ~2 minutes for that to complete. When it has, right click the icon again, and this time, choose “Run as Startup”. This will permanently load the code onto the robot, even after it is shut off. This should be done every time, unless you need the code to be running for realtime debugging.

Rookie Team here.

can you post a screen shot of where that it?

Thanks a bunch

I can, please hold one moment.

Here you go: First, you must select Build, and then when that is done, select Run as startup.