IMAQ Error

We are having a problem. An error always shows up when we try to run the vision example in our code.

Here is the error:

Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Team 3883

Can you post a screenshot of your code?

If you’re deploying to a robot, some of the vision functions aren’t available in the cRIO image.

Similar issue here:

Here it is:

I went to the source of the error and this was the block diagram of that IMAQ AVI12 vi. Here it is:

I think the Case block labeled “Get image from camera or file” is only supported when running the vision code on a PC target. It includes the WPI_CameraRead MJPG for function, which calls the IMAQ AVI2 Create function a few levels deeper. If you aren’t running the code as part of the Dashboard, you shouldn’t have that there.

It looks like you copied and pasted the vision example code instead of following the steps in Tutorial 8, Part 4.

I wasn’t aware there was a tutorial, would you mind posting a link to it? By the way thanks for the information, this error has been stumping us for quite awhile now. :smiley:

When you launch LabVIEW, it opens the FRC 2014 Getting Started window. A number of tabs are available on the window’s left side. The second one down is Tutorials. Click it and you will find a wealth of instructional help listed.

Awesome, thank you so much!