IMMDW… - It Made My Day When…

Simple enough, list things that have made your day!

For example:

IMMDW the kids from the JFLL team I mentored asked to be in the “big kids robots club” so we can build more robots together. (awwww)

IMMDW one of the juniors on my team said he wanted to be as intelligent and good at FRC as I was. I told him to be better than me. (w00t, I’ve fulfilled my high school FRC goal of inspiring underclassmen)

It makes my day when:
At an event, I walk by a pit of a team struggling to get a robot together to compete on the field and I see team shirts of kids that clearly are not on that team.

Recently this was at Detroit with a handfull of young FRC280 TNT helping out a rookie team with a partially completed bot.
Kettering, it was watching 2137 students elbows deep in a 2nd year teams robot helping them fix some probelms.
Troy (last year) Gorrillas (469) and Chickens (217) working together on another team’s robot.

Multiple shirts in one pit working together never gets old to me. To outsiders, it looks like a bunch of kids working on a project. Insiders know it is a bunch of competitors cooperating.

FIRST isn’t the only place where I have seen this type of behaviour, but it is the most consistent place.

IMMDW I saw a FLL student explain their program to a FRC student.

IMMDW I had some of our students explaining our robot to JFLL students at our first ever JFLL Round-up.

IMMDW I saw all of the kids faces when they received their certificate and medals after the JFLL round-up and how excited they were to come back next year.

It always Makes MY Day When…
I see the excitement in the eye of a new programmer who’s program just worked correctly.

IMMDW we were contacted to help secure transportation and lodging for a nearby rookie team to go to the Queen City Regional. Hooray for meeting new friends and sharing travel experiences (and expenses)!

One of my Pit Crew students said:
“When we are working on the robot between matches, the pressure really sucks, I hate it. But, then I watch a match and I see how our robot performs and I say ‘I did that’”.
Yep, hardest fun ever!