[Immediate Opening] Robotics/ CS teacher in New York City


Part-Time High School Robotics/ Computer Science Teacher

Apply online at https://ehtp.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=128
or email me yguan@ehtp.org

Position Overview:
East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP) seeks a Lead Teacher to create and implement curriculum around Robotics and Computer Science for 15 to 20 high school age students in our out of school time hours. The Lead Teacher will split their time between robotics work and direct instruction in programming and broader, related computer science topics with goal of preparing the team for the FRC in Spring 2015.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. And two Saturday classes each month, with additional opportunities available based on applicant availability.

Responsibilities of the Lead Teacher will include, but are not limited to:

Curriculum Development and Instruction
Engineering Process:
Apply a robot design process (including documentation)
Demonstrate and emphasize the value of creativity in the design process
Articulate and teach best practices for robot design and building
Guide students to eliminate variability (i.e. how to consistently position the robot in FRC)
Articulate a thoughtful process and plan for the competition season (including research challenge for FRC)
Partner with students to help them seek solutions
Involve all students in most aspects of the project
Create team spirit by making the experience fun
Instill Gracious Professionalism and maximize the educational component of the challenge
Keep the team organized by clearly communicating goals and project status with the students and staff
Student Achievement and Classroom Culture
Set and hold students to extremely high academic and behavioral standards
Create a positive classroom culture centered around investing students in their own academic achievement
Develop curriculum based on data from student assessments and adjust curriculum based on student needs
Report timely and accurate student data to EHTP management and parents (when appropriate)
Monitor and ensure safety and compliance with behavioral guidelines for students

Skills and Experiences:
Strong instructional skills and classroom management
Experience administering and reporting student assessments
Demonstrated ability to write and execute individualized and classroom lesson plans
Commitment to continuous improvement and learning through professional development
Demonstrated ability to act as a team player and operate with a deep sense of personal responsibility
Demonstrated commitment to students and their academic achievement
Spanish fluency preferred
Belief in the East Harlem Tutorial Program’s mission, education model and core values

Educational Background and Work Experience:
1 year of experience as a lead teacher in a classroom setting with demonstrated student achievement results preferred
Undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering or deep technological background with an understanding of robotics design process and computer science

$30-$40/hour, based on qualifications