Imoprting autodesk CAD files

Our team is very new to Cad. We have been trying to open the kit of parts onto autodesk but, there is an error message box that says that the file does not exist. We ave tried too exract the files and it seems to be giving the same error message. After we tried doonlading the STEP kit of parts, then did the extraction file process and the same error message came up. Any help anyone could give us is appriciated.

Lets start with some questions,

  1. What version of Autodesk Inventor are you using?

  2. Have you downloaded both the Inventor KOP and the STEP KOP.

  3. Have you created a project file to manage the location of the KOP files?

We are using AutoCAD 2014. I think we’ve figured out the problem. We were trying to open the file from the folder on the computer, rather than importing it into AutoCAD itself. This was giving us an error message because AutoCAD wasn’t recognizing the .iam/.ipt filename.

Sounds good, let me know if you need any more help.

Since you are just getting started with Autodesk Inventor, here are links to tutorials specifically for FIRST teams.

And a link to getting started Digital Steam study packets.