Impact Award Documentation Database

I was wondering if anyone is using something besides the spreadsheet FIRST gives you for Impact Award documentation? I’m looking for alternatives where it’s easier to keep track of photo (files).

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Have you tried Airtable or Trello? Both solutions have rich support for photos and text. Airtable is more like a spreadsheet where Trello is oriented at task tracking ala kanban.

We use a Google form for each completed event and a Google sheet as a tracker for other events/initiatives.
We just link the photo link from Google drive.

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Keeping good records of what you do is super important. It seems like you’re just asking about photos, but I’d like to encourage you to track everything. Off the top of my head, we tracked attendees at events, funds distributed to teams, wages paid to coaches, volunteer hours for our students (how many hours, what day, what job, what event, who did them, time in and out), and the overall number of events we attended. Photos are a great supplement to illustrate what you were doing, but the key words in the Impact award description are sustained and measurable - and numbers are by far the easiest way to measure what you’re doing.

For specific tools, we love spreadsheets (particularly Google Sheets). As you scale your programs, being able to import data, use SQL for processing data, javascript for automation, etc, are all super valuable. Google Sheets makes integrating forms super easy, and being able to collaborate, access the files from anywhere, and never worry about losing your documentation are all important for us.