Impact Award Interview

Whats up guys, mepedrol here with a question about the impact award. Can someone please share with us your experience and insights on the imapct award interview?

Thanks Guys!!


Relax. Have fun. You want to connect with the judges. Tell them your story. Answer their questions. Know your material.


Welcome to Chief Delphi!

Congrats on submitting for the Impact Award. Our award presenters, win or lose, have gained a tremendous amount of confidence through their participation in the Impact award process.

Briefly, I’ll echo what was said above. Know your stuff. Be prepared to answer questions from the essay, executive summary, and in one case, we even got a question from something in our video.

Search for “Chairman’s Award Interview Questions” here on Chief Delphi and compile a list of practice questions and have your presenters practice.

Try to relax and have fun.

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The Impact Award Interview is an opportunity for the judges to get to know your team better and for you to tell your team’s story.

  • Make sure every presenter has thoroughly read through all parts of your submission and can provide more details about things mentioned. Maybe designate different people to answer questions about specific projects or initiatives that are part of the submission.

  • Practice your presentation. Then practice it again. And again and again. Run through it a couple times every day if you can, even if all the presenters do their parts separately. Get comfortable with it.

  • Put thought into the stories you want to tell and the points you want to make that illustrate why your team is unique and has earned this award

  • Practice answering questions. Team Rush 27 has a great list.

  • My team (6328) has been doing practice Impact presentations over zoom with teams for the last few years and would be happy to set up a time to do so. It can help to have feedback from people outside the team who are unfamiliar with what the team has been doing.

Good luck!

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