Impact Award Presentation Times

At our last event, the predicted match time and our presentation time conflicted. So we obviously switched time slots. However, because the matches were running late, we were only able to present with 2/3 members since one is on drive team. This obviously would’ve happened if the event was running early too.
So if you don’t know how late or early matches are going to run, how do you know when to switch time slots? And how to decide which time slot to switch into?

We make sure no one on the drive team is on the presentation team too, and vice versa, and so if the presentation conflicts with a match (which happened a lot, including at our last event) then the presentation team simply misses watching the match and find out what happened when the presentation is over. You can never be sure that the times won’t conflict, so don’t bother trying to avoid it - a delay can be caused at any moment for any reason. Either replace the drive team member with someone else, or prepare for the possibility that you will have to present with only two students.

The 2/3 people on our presentation team are on drive. Thankfully, one of them is only a technician. It’s too late to replace people at this point.

Then make sure the two who aren’t on the drive team (I’m including the technician here as that role is easier to replace) know the third one’s points well enough to cover for them, if not the actual text

We typically had members both on the presentation team and drive team, we had two drive teams though so if we ever had a match during our time the other drive team would step in. So the only three options really are present a member down, switch the drive team, or ask for another time swap which may or may not be granted

I would recommend having a back up Impact presenter! Maybe someone who knows the speech/the outreach stuff you do that is ready to step in if one of your main presenters can’t make it.

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Have someone fill in for that match on the drive team.

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When I was a student we had only 4 students, all of whom were on driveteam, and I was going for Deans List and Chairmans. Our event was cancelled before I figured out how to balance presentation times and match times, but needless to say I imagine it would have been a struggle…

Usually matches haven’t started by the time the first Impact presentation is scheduled. The only thing you can be certain of time wise is match 1 will START when they say it will. So if you can’t have independent drive and presentation teams (highly recommended) then you will likely find the first few teams on the schedule more than happy to switch with you.

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