Impact from Inception Essay

At our last meeting, our coach assigned me as an awards submitter since I did it last year, so I was looking through the awards today and I noticed that in the chairman’s award info it showed that one of the things that you can submit (it’s not listed as mandatory) is the “Impact from Inception Essay”. I submitted this award last year and don’t recall that being there, though I may have just missed it last year or forgotten about it since then. If it is new I’m sure they will release more information on it later but does anyone have any info on it? Just curious because we want to get our awards stuff started ASAP so more of us can work on the robot during build season as we have a very small team. Thanks!

Here’s the exact wording from Section of the Admin Manual.

This section can be used by veteran teams to describe team efforts and resulting impacts that are older than 5 years. In the past, teams have struggled to find the right balance between mentioning older and more current efforts. This new category provides a natural spot for veteran teams to mention past efforts, especially those that laid the foundation for future projects, or those which created a legacy of impact.

Of course the emphasis of your submission should still be focused on more recent efforts. These additional executive summary items specifically address more recent efforts:

Our CAD co-leader and I are looking into this Impact from Inception Essay. We think it would be beneficial for our team if we do so. We had one question and we hope you can answer that for us. Can a team make the essay instead of the chairmans video, or would a team have to do both? I haven’t read much about it. Thanks!

No video, no RCA. Section 6.4.4 of the Admin Manual should make that perfectly clear.

Just to be clear, their is no “Impact from Inception Essay”. Rather there’s a question in the Executive Summary that asks “For FIRST Robotics Competition teams older than 5 years, briefly describe your team’s broader impact from its inception.”