Impact interview - Slide deck?

Hi all - wondering if anyone knows whether or not teams are provided a way to project a slide deck during their impact interviews.

From the limited number of presentations linked on the 2022 Award Winners document, it’s a bit unclear… Some teams (649 at SFR and 5242 at the FIT Championship) have a slide deck, but others use physical posters. Are the teams with a slide deck able to actually present their slides?

Thanks for the help!

No, you will not be provided anything. If you want to show slides, you should either print them out or bring a self contained setup (e.g. show it on a laptop/tablet or use a portable projector). The bringing your own tech route introduces some risk and seldom enhances a presentation, but visual aids are definitely welcome.

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The judges really want to engage with the students. Show the judges your enthusiasm for what you do and sell them that your team is the best at what FIRST is all about.
If you are using tech make sure it is easy for the judges to see. Don’t expect the judges to watch a laptop screen.
You have 7 minutes Use them wisely. Set any tech up prior to entering the room.

For example we have a tv screen mounted onto the linked cart. We have a laptop hooked up to display slides in the room. We even found the the time it took the capacitors to warm up in tv and startup wasnt acceptable (time to load up capacitors int he tv when you initally plug it in) to us and have a battery pack capable of running the tv. We roll the cart in with the tv and laptop on and ready. Another person hands the script over to judges, ask if judges are ready, and we begin immediately.

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