Impact Rubric?

Hello! My team is focusing on improving our Impact presentation before our week 5 event. We have already viewed the Impact resources, but was wondering how we can improve our chances. Is there a rubric we can refer to?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a chairman’s rubric (available to the public at least). The closest thing I could find were questions from a very old feedback form that is likely outdated. I would advise finding teams that are strong in the Impact Award and reaching out to them for advice, or finding some sort of meeting where teams share presentations and feedback (we’ve seen some success with this, very helpful as our team hasn’t had a proper Impact award submission in a while)

(image taken from Team 2486’s “The Complete Guide to the FIRST
Robotics Competition Chairman’s

Have you already presented at an earlier event? If so, use the official feedback form from the judges to see their recommendations. (Instructions available here if you scroll to the bottom of the page - it’s not obvious where to access it.)

Present to a couple people who don’t know the intricacies of your team and ask where they need clarification. That can help identify any spots in the presentation that might need small adjustments. Do all the presenters have personal stories prepped they can use if relevant? Something that shows how FIRST has impacted them personally, or a way they personally saw the FIRST impact in their community. Our team finds that making the lofty ideas personal helps connect all the dots.

Has anything new happened since the written submission was finalized that should be included? Updated data?

Otherwise, practice Q&A. Know what other information they want to get in front of the judges and how to work that in to a variety of questions. My team (6328) has run several zoom Impact practice sessions with teams this season. Feel free to reach out via DM if that’s something your team is interested in and we’ll see if we can get something scheduled.

There isn’t a rubric since the award is pretty subjective. I would focus on making sure you’re giving the judges a good scale of your outreach and making sure that you are communicating the MEASURABLE aspect of your work (including numbers and stats wherever possible!).

I’d be happy to take a look (or get my mentors to take a look) at your Impact presentation if you would like any feedback ! Our team just won at PNW District week 3.

Years ago, as in like 10 years ago you got feedback on the presentation. It wasn’t a rubric per se, but not far off. There is zero chance I can find my old chairman presentation materials from being a student, but all the same these use to exist back in the day. Just a bit of trivia.