Imperator 5887 Scouting Resources

Hey! Team 5887, PrepaTec Imperator, here!
We are a FRC team from Mexico which recently took part in both Monterrey and Puebla regionals in our country.
As a key part of our scouting preparation this season, we created two scouting sheets taking into consideration some of the crucial factors of the game layout.
We really hope you can benefit from these!

Imperator Match Scouting Sheet.pdf (92.4 KB)
Imperator Pit Scouting Sheet.pdf (156.1 KB)

Pit Scouting Sheet:
It’s divided into 4 main parts: autonomous period, teleoperated period, driver’s experience and chassis’ structure.
We highly recommend you to start from the bottom first (chassis section); that way, it’ll be easier for your scouts to make an overview of the robot. Then, go over the next sections by using the reference images included,(for other teams to answer without any lack of understanding).
We tried to include this season’s manual vocabulary by all means, so feel free to take a look at it if any term seems unfamiliar to you! You can also ask us, of course!
Finally, try to answer the second page with your very own analytical view. By this, we mean that we believe that it is better if you take a look at the team’s pits and general work dynamics before asking the questions as they come… That way, it’ll be way more practical and less “odd” for your team members to scout!
You can fill the comment section as you want! Some of our scouters made hour to hour updates on the robot’s evolution during inspection time; others made comments over the team’s workflow and organization. It 's up to you!

Match Scouting Sheet:
Each sheet corresponds to one team. The page is divided into eight sections; each one of which represents one match, (this is the minimum number of matches we recommend you to scout to get a more precise notion of the team’s game flow).

Each “match rectangle” is also divided into more sections: autonomous period, teleoperated period, game results, game field and comments.

Start by writing down the match number, and your name (that way, your scouting capitan can make corrections over your annotations if necessary). Before you start filling the autonomous section, we highly encourage you to mark with an “x” the initial position of the robot, being that it’s key information for further strategy making.
After that, cross out the ovals for the corresponding action in autonomous (if the robot docked, docked & engaged or moved from its community zone).
Then, go over to the light gray grid image to indicate, either with a triangle or square depending on the piece, the game pieces scored in the first 15 seconds.
Next, do the same thing but in the black grid section and its area bellow: “docked”, “engaged” and “parked”.
By this moment, it’s possible that you’ve noticed any type of sequence in the robot’s trajectory; you can draw it on the game field image at the bottom right part!

When the match ends, cross out the remaining sections: number of links (top right), bonus and game style (below teleop), and the final parameters (final score, foul points and ranking points).
Feel free to write any important information about the match in the comment section. Ex: “committed two fouls by doing this…” or, “hasn’t got good communication with HP”.

Help us to improve!
These are part of our operating system, and we are currently looking to improve them with your feedback or comments as we want to take the project to the next level using data analysis software or even built-in apps. We are willing to share these sheets as open source in case your teams would like to use and/or modify them for the upcoming World Championship.
We are thrilled that the Scouting community keeps spreading around the world, as it enhances competitiveness in FIRST!