Import cannot be resolved

I recently pulled the latest version of my team’s robot from Github. Since the last time I pulled into my workspace the software team added PhotonVision. After pulling the latest version I can build the software without a problem, but Intellicode (I think it is intellicode) says that the it cannot resolve the import:
import org.photonvision.PhotonCamera;
or any other import for org.photonvision.

If photonvision wasn’t installed at all then I would expect the build to fail, but it builds just fine. Shouldn’t Intellicode being the same classpath, etc., that the build is using? The photonlib.json file is there under vendordeps. I feel like I must be missing something very simple, but I am just not seeing it. Any ideas what I missed?

This could be a caching issue in VSCode Intellicode, does restarting VSCode solve it?

Try running (in vscode) “clean java workspace”

Restarting did not solve the problem.

Running the “clean java language server workspace” fixed it. Thank you.

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