Import default to Easy C

How do you import the default source for Easy C?

There is no default code for EasyC, besides the FRC Competition Template.

Once you open the Competition Template, you just start adding in your own code. The default code (WPILib) is in the background and takes care of everything for you.

Once you have your code, get the serial cable to interface your computer with your bot.

  1. Plug in that cable to the bot and the computer
  2. Turn the bot on, make sure your radio is unplugged
  3. Hold down “Prog” on the microcontroller until the “Program Status” LED turns orange
  4. Go to “Build & Download” in easyC, and click “Build & Download”
  5. Once the hex file is built, hit “yes”
  6. Success? It’s loaded into the bot, plug your radio in and try it out.