Import/Export in Solidworks

I’ve never used Solidworks but I’m interesting in learning it. I’m just wondering if once I learn and become proficient in it, would I be able to open inventor files in solidworks and vice versa.

I’m just a little worried doing stuff in Solidworks if the majority of the people I work with are using Inventor. Would they be able to open my files?

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The most successful file format I’ve had experience with is the .stp or .step format. It does transfer solid body info between inventor and solidworks very well. You won’t have access to anything like the list of functions used to construct the model in it’s original program though.

Think of it as the .txt format of parametric modeling.

Also, I wouldn’t bother saving assemblies as .stp. My guess is that constraints do not carry over well, if at all. Save individual parts and reconstruct assemblies in the new program.

-Andy A.

I have some info that I had to write up about importing file types into SolidWorks for work, and when I go back on Wednesday (I actually will be in more SolidWorks training classes all day Monday and Tuesday), I will grab that info and post it here.

It was basically a step by step procedure to effectively import .stp files into SolidWorks and what kind of quirks happen within SolidWorks when you do.

Hi Folks,

The title of this old thread seems a good match for what I want to ask. I need a volunteer who can do some format conversions for me/us.

  1. CMU has created a large (560 MBytes in 3000+ files) library of Vex Kit part models using Inventor and SolidWorks. The have stored the model files using (mostly) SLDPRT and SLDASM formats. There are a few other cats and dogs formats thrown in too.

  2. I am interested in using IronCAD to put together and animate Vex bot models. IronCAD can import STEP files, but not SPDPRT or SLDASM files.

3) IS there anyone out there who either
a) Has already downloaded the CMU library and is willing to export it as STEP files for folks like me who need to import it?
b) Is willing to do the import/export for me/us?

If it will help, I did already go through downloading all the CMU SolidWorks files before finding out that IronCAD won’t import them; so I can try to zip them up into easily unpacked files. Doing that will make life easier for anyone who hasn’t downloaded them already. I can send zipped versions to anyone who wants them, regardless of whether you/they are able to do the conversions to STEP.

The CMU library is found at this URL ( Note that at the moment I am having trouble loading the page, but I suspect the problem is just a temporary glitch at the CMU end of the URL.

I typically import files into Solidworks formatted as IGES (*.igs) and Solidworks is able to discern the individual features and operations used to make the part. STEP formatted files do not do this and instead are made up of three quarters of a bajillion surfaces. This uses more resources and is a pain to work with, in my mind.

Do those of you that typically use STEP formatted files experience that same behavior?

Madison - Thanks - That is good info for me to have - However, I remain curious - Are you perhaps the person willing to export the CMU library in a format that IronCAD can import? STEP is one of the importable formats. I can catalog the rest if it makes sense to do so.


I need to convert an .sldprt to a .igs or a .step file. Where can I download a converter? I Really Really need something to convert it.


We shipped two types of software Student Edition and Student Design Kit

5 Student Editions to for each design team. If you have a Student Edition, Select File, Save As, and select IGS for files of type. This is a one year license with all export and analysis tools.

1 Student Design Kit - is for the entire team to load during build season, You have access to all modeling capability, but you cannot export to IGS. This lasts for 5 months.

Find someone on your team with a Student Edition,. Marie

In SOLIDWORKS, simply save as, and select the file type step203.

SOLIDWORKS has a program called Task Scheduler, it can be set up to convert files one by one or entire folders at a time.

contact me if you have issues…

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