**IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/2006 Competition Manual Information

Greetings Teams:

The 2006 Competition Manual is now available on our website in the form of ‘.pdf’ files. Please note five (5) of the sections (Introduction, Arena, Game, Robot, and Tournament) are encrypted.

Teams are encouraged to download the encrypted sections ahead of time to help alleviate downloading delays on the 7th. Instructions for downloading and testing the encryption are given below.

The decryption password, which will allow you to open these files, will be announced at the end of the Kickoff.

Non-encrypted versions of these five (5) sections will be posted at 12:00 noon on Saturday January 7th. Please note there is no difference in the content of the encrypted and non-encrypted versions.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Information

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 or 6 to decrypt these files. If you do not have it, you may download it for free at:


Tip! Individuals traveling to a Kickoff site who wish to have a manual to read for their ride home are encouraged to bring a portable computer with these downloaded encrypted files saved on the hard-drive, Acrobat Reader installed. If you choose to print the manual we recommend you get a binder with tabs as there are a total of ten sections!


In order to be sure that you have the capability to decrypt the files at the appropriate time, a test file is currently posted on the FIRST website.

The method used to encrypt these files is secure. It is called 128-bit RC4 encoding, and is a current standard considered by the US Government as completely secure for short (weeks) periods of time. Please go to:


You may download this file now and decrypt it with the following case-sensitive password: 2006DecryptTest

Acrobat will prompt you for the password when you try to open the file.

If you get to see the message “Congratulations! You have successfully decrypted the test file”, then you have successfully decrypted the file and have everything you need for Saturday.

Let the game begin!