2004 Local kickoff events for the FIRST Robotics Competition:

The schedule is posted on the FIRST site at http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2004/remotekickoffs.htm
Basically we will be broadcasting from 10 AM to noon EST on January 10. Detail location, capacity and workshop information is posted for each of the sites.

As done last year, NO team may pick up a kit without signing a receipt. If teams want another team rep to pick up their kit, they need to make arrangements in writing with FIRST. Having valid signed receipts is critical to FIRST as part of our financial procedures.

You should all be aware that NASA has a Mars landing schedule just prior to the kickoff. If the landings are delayed, there could be a conflict with FIRST using the regular NASA television channel. We are working on contingency plans including a different channel on the same satellite or web casting. Additional information will be available later in December.

At the WRRF workshop at San Jose, it was mentioned that the Kickoff this year will not be webcast like previous years and that if you want to watch it, you must attecnd the local remote kickoff or you need one the old style satellite dishes to tune it in or contact your local cable provided and request that they broadcast the feed. Has anyone heard more about this?

Well you have always been able to tune into nasa tv its always webcast, so if its on NASA TV then you can just pick up one of thoes streams, do a google search for NASA TV Web Cast or somthing like that.

Or use the list that team 188 compiled: http://www.team188.com/2002/videos/nasatv.shtml