**IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Bosch Discounted Parts Update

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Greetings Teams:

With the regard to the below email, please note these parts will not be legal parts for the 2005 season.

Bosch has over 1,000 motor and transmission sets left over from last year’s season they are offering FRC teams at a 50% discount. Motors would be discounted from $24.00 to $12.00 and transmissions from $51.00 to $25.50.

If you are interested in placing an order, please contact Bosch directly at 908-769-8208.

*Go Teams!

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For some reason I knew this would happen. This should be interesting.

Does anyone else out there realize that this message means no more hard-to-use Bosch drill motors and transmissions next year? Is Bosch coming out with a better product? Will we get Dewalt motors or 4 CIMs? Was that big order for 0.7 module gears for nothing?

I guess all of those off season gear box designs are due for a major revision!

eh…there is much that can be learned from off season projects…the rules say we have to produce parts within the six weeks neways so nothing would have been able to be carried over neways…just now you get cheap motors for offseason projects

hmm…AndyMark seems to luck out with just having the fps and the chips in their transmission…

We took an educated guess, about a year ago, and designed transmissions for the 2004 season (for team 45). This guess took in these considerations:

  • FIRST teams like the CIM motor. They are easy to mount, rarely overheat, and durable.
  • FIRST teams like the power of the Bosch Drill motor, but it breaks easily and it is difficult to mount.
  • The FP motors are cheap and easy to mount, but it is somewhat difficult to get the right one.

Since teams were frustrated with the Bosch drill motor, we focused the design on the CIM motor.

FIRST listens to teams and tries to give them what they want, for the most part. So, I would not call it “luck” if FIRST sticks with the CIM’s.

As for the FP motors and the AM Planetary: this gearbox has two pieces that is designed to fit a certain type of motor. If the motor changes from a FP motor to XXX motor, then those two pieces change. One is a gear and one is an aluminum mounting block. We would just have to change a few dimensions on those two details in order to comply with FIRST’s motor change.

Andy B.