**IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Robot Ship Airbill Reminder

If you need the word document, email me team1504-at-gmail.com, the file is too big to attach

Greetings Teams:

This is an important reminder for your team to bring its return ship airbill to its upcoming event this weekend. In particular, if you are a Passkey team, please make sure you prepare your email prior to getting to the event site. FIRST does not provide computers or printers at the events; it is your team’s responsibility to either prepare and bring the airbill to the event OR make other arrangements to prepare and print it during the event (e.g., with a Kinkos, Staples, your hotel etc.)

If you are a Passkey team we have attached the instructions you received back in February to prepare your return airbill. We suggest you start doing so tomorrow. Please take the time to read through these instructions carefully - many of the questions that have come up are answered in these instructions. If you still have any questions or run into problems preparing your airbill, Team Support is here to help you. Please email us at frcteams@usfirst.org as soon as you know you need help.

IMPORTANT - All Teams There will be NO airbills given to any team who loses or forgets to bring their airbills to the event. You must follow the appropriate procedure in order to take advantage of the free shipping.

Please note if you are getting this email twice, you are listed as both the main and shipping contact for your team.

Go Teams!

To all,
trust me, this is something that everyone needs to pay attention to. We had mentors who could not watch much of the action on Saturday because they were dealing with forgotten airbills.
A tough way to spend the day…tough on pit admin, tough on shipping, and tough on the Senior Mentor. :frowning: